We offer a wide array of personal computer services, from virus removal to physical repair, we can do it all

Mac Service and Repair

We service Apple computers! Whether it’s software problems, or parts that need to be replaced, our experts are well educated in repair and servicing of iMac computers and Macbook laptops. We cover everything from screen replacements to hardware upgrades, as well as software problems. As one of the only shops in the area that will repair Apple computers, we pride ourselves on our timely and efficient services.

PC Service and Repair

Although none of us like to think about it, computers break. Whether it’s a failing hard drive, a broken laptop screen, error messages, or a broken power jack, Prestige I.T. Solutions will fix it! We service PC computers as well as Macs, and our experts are trained to provide service on both systems.  

Hardware Installation & Upgrades

Computer hardware is a foreign subject to most people, but our technicians are technicians are trained in all various types of computer services to better assist you. We can help you upgrade the hardware in your computer to breathe in new life, or simply replace broken or faulty parts.  

Data Recovery

Have you lost files due to a failing hard drive, accidental deletion, or even a virus? At Prestige I.T. Solutions, we understand the important of our customers’ data, and we offer data recovery services to repair and recover files from failing hard drives, deleted files, and any other incident that results in a loss of your files.  

Virus & Malware Removal

Is your computer running slowly, displaying unexpected messages, or behaving strangely? These are all signs that you may have a virus or malware on your computer. Viruses and unwanted programs can easily be downloaded with a stray click, and once installed, can slow down the computer, generate deceptive pop-ups, and even jeopardize personal information. Fortunately, Prestige I.T. Solutions specializes in virus and malware removal. If any of these symptoms sound familiar, or if you want to learn how to protect against malicious programs, give us a call today!

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